CAM2 BLUE BLOOD RACING OILS are available in 3 multi-viscosity grades.

  • High Zinc levels for Excellent Anti-Wear Protection
  • 0W-30 is a Full Synthetic Racing Oil
  • 10W-30 and 20W-50 Racing Oils are Synthetic Blends
  • Top of the line shear stable VI improvers, for stay in grade performance.
  • Excellent oxidation stability in high performance engines
  • Break-In Oil for optimal start-up protection


CAM2 Hi-Performance Break-In Oil has a high level of performance additives to insure excellent anti-wear performance and protection during the initial start up and break in of new engines. This highly increased amount of zinc, phosphorus and sulfur chemistries is formulated to facilitate optimal ring seal and protect rotating assembly components such as the camshaft and valve train from initial start up wear. CAM2 Hi-Performance Break-In Oil optimizes the anti-wear protection required in flat-tappet and roller engines. Additionally, maximum compression is provided along with maximum horsepower being generated. Our proprietary formula requires no additional additives.


The 0W-30 is a Full Synthetic Formulation


10W-30 is formulated in combination with synthetic base oil to provide enhanced protection at high and low temperature extremes.


20W-50  is also formulated in combination with synthetic base oil to provide enhanced protection at high and low temperature extremes.

"Nitro" SAE 70

"Nitro" SAE 70 is specifically formulated for gas, alcohol and nitro-methane fueled racing engines that experience extreme load and high temperature conditions. The high viscosity of the oil allows for excessive dumping of fuel “blow by” into the racing oil while maintaining critical protection.


CAM2 BLUE BLOOD SYNAVEX 75W-90 LS is a Full Synthetic heavy duty extreme pressure multi-grade gear oil. This top-of-the-line product is manufactured with the highest quality synthetic base oil. Premium quality CAM2 SYNAVEX 75W-90 LS, through the combination of naturally high viscosity index (low pour) synthetic base oils and up-to-date additive technology, are more economical than oils of lesser quality and lower initial cost. Using CAM2 SYNAVEX 75W-90 LS Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricant may allow longer drain intervals, ex-tended equipment life, and a significant reduction in maintenance cost and downtime.

CAM2 BLUE BLOOD SYNAVEX 75W-90 LS is formulated beyond what is needed to meet all the normal specifications for a Premium Quality Synthetic Gear Oil such as mentioned above. Our CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Formulation contains an additional 237% of anti-wear additives, 58% more extreme pres-sure additives and 29% additional friction modifier. CAM2 SY-NAVEX 75W-90 LS delivers superior performance to meet the extraordinary requirements of high performance racing vehicles.

CAM2 BLUE BLOOD SYNAVEX 75W-90 LS Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricant offers these added value features:

  • Excellent anti-wear Performance - Excellent Extreme Pressure Performance
  • Limited Slip (LS) Performance - Exceptional thermal & oxidative stability
  • Excellent anti-foam protection - Extended drain capabilities
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection - Outstanding seal compatibility
  • High Viscosity Index and Low Pour - Excellent shear stability
Blue Blood Racing Motor Oils

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